Safeguarding Kids Online

Filtering Website Access While Conveying Your Message

Parental control service that provides website access monitoring and filtering with your personalized message.
Only $5/month for every 3 Microsoft PCs.

What can you do from our online parental control service?

Be in the know of websites visited

We show the website domains that is being accessed by your child’s computer.  You will know the time and traffic intensity that of the website access.

Take control of content filtering

We have a selection of website categories that you can choose to restrict access to. You can also choose to block internet access entirely!

Your custom message on restricted access

Do want to tell them to get off the internet and come down for dinner? Why not do both at the same time?  Just type in your message and it will be displayed when website access is being restricted.

Monitor internet activity from wherever you are

Whether you are on the same network at your home or on a business trip across the world, you are able to view your child’s web visitation activities in real time! Our color-coded traffic intensity indicator will show you how active a visitation is for a particular website.   As well as a list of blocked web sites, giving the assurance that Kondeki is active at work!

You decide what to filter and the message that your child sees when access is blocked

Would you like to restrict access to get your child focused and reward them for a good job by allowing access? We have a selection of website categories that you can choose from. You can block or unblock any of these categories at any time and write the message that you would like your child to see when they try to connect to a restricted site. You can also choose to block web access connection entirely. All from Kondeki’s web dashboard with a single click of a button.

Key Features

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